‘Sensational’ Hot Chocolate!  

Pure, sumptuous indulgence..

A secret magical blend of raw cacao and other health packed ingredients finished with raw chocolate sprinkles and whipped cashew nut cream!


The result of this incredible alchemy is the most luxuriousdeep, rich and uplifting hot chocolate that money can buy!

Milo- Nottingham (Port Eliot Festival 2019)


“CONFIRMED the most sensational hot choc i have ever had Thankyou!!!

Brian- London (Tribe of Doris 2019)


“Well what can i say.. I've been coming to these guys every day and they haven't disappointed. Then I had the Hot Chocolate, Oh my word!!! Chocolate orgasm in my mouth!!! Truly delightful, Thankyou

Anna- Birmingham (Tribe of Doris 2019)


“That was the most sensational hot chocolate EVER! Thanks for making my day XXX

‘Divine’ Turmeric latte!  

Pure, creamy, heavenliness!..

Freshly juiced ginger and turmeric root with an incredible concise selection of harmonious sweet but subtle flavours. 

All the healings benefits of turmeric and ginger in a divinely indulgent elixir..

Stefan- Surrey (We Out Here 2019)


“Well bloody done for making the BEST Turmeric latte EVER!!! 10/10 GOLD Star!

Selina- Birmingham (Tribe of Doris 2019)


“Big it up! Turmeric latte heaven! Beetroot juice heaven! So happy to have you guys here! Thankyou!XX

Tayo- London (We Out Here 2019)


“THANK YOU!!! I discovered your beautiful juice bar on the final day of We Out Here and was so happy to have found you. Your juices and Turmeric latte healed me! Keep on rising 10/10