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Raw, pure, divine!

We hand craft delicious, raw, refined sugar, gluten and dairy free confectionary.


We believe in creating exquisite treats that taste divine while improving health and vitality

Distinguished from other confectionary by their design and our desire to create treats that nourish the body by providing nutrients, essential fats, vitamins and minerals while tasting as rich and indulgent as the most sugar laden counterparts!


Sweet treats can be good for you!


We use only organic ingredients and our packaging is compostable/recyclable.


Loving hands creations..

'Loving Hands Creations' is 'Sunbeams' sister company, owned and run by Lullu Kerr raw cake and chocolate genius!

All of the raw confectionary we sell at Sunbeams is available to purchase through our online store or through Lullu's own website lovinghandscreations.co.uk.