Sasha- Totnes 2019


“Best juice I've ever had and super lovely service. Dig the van, beautifully done. Thanks I'll definitely be back for more!

Kevin- Worcester (Tribe Of Doris 2019)


“It was a rumour that this place was good. Live tested it and it's ALL TRUE!

Maggie+Chris- Suffolk (Tribe Of Doris 2019)


“Wildly delicious, scrummy nutrition, long queues said it all. Please come back to Doris again!!XXX

Katherine- London (HowTheLightGets In 2018)


“Oh my gosh! Deliciousness and nutrition in a plant based eco cup. Amazing operation!

Camila- Solihull (Tribe Of Doris 2019)


“I was recommended the 'Triple Chocolate Heaven' by a friend, I am really thankful for you guys being here making all this amazing healthy stuff for us!XX

Megan- Brecon (HowTheLightGetsIn 2019)


“Delicious cake, chocolates, juices AND smoothies!! I definitely hope to cross paths with you again over the festival season for another dose of loveliness!

Lizi- Totnes (Tribe Of Doris 2019)


“Great you were here as well as Tropical Pressure!! Amazing juices and smoothies!

Ray+Pat- London (Port Eliot Festival 2019)


“Thanks for making our first visit to Port Eliot (hopefully NOT the last!), even sweeter and more gorgeous.XXX

Tara- Bristol (Port Eliot Festival 2019)


Cake of Empowerment is absolutely 'BANGING!' even the name is oozing with flavour.. Cake of Love is full of loveliness too